Bata to Walk its Talk at Fashion Extravaganza

Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 is taking in place in Prague, the Czech Republic on 13-15 April. With a theme of ‘The Evolution of Style’, the event will see catwalk shows, the finale of the Bata Young Designers’ Challenge, an exhibition and museum, as well as creative and fun events to participate in. At the same time, Bata is celebrating its 125-year anniversary. Entry into the event is free, and it will also be streamed live across the world.



Bata, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, has put on a programme that will be enjoyed right across the world, via the magic of Facebook livestreaming. As Bata CEO Alexis Nasard puts it: “Bata Fashion Weekend is one of the highlights of our year, a time when we celebrate our commitment to offering leading-edge comfort-related innovations that combine style and quality, at affordable pricing.”

With this in mind, join us as we take a whistle-stop tour of what to expect from this annual fashion extravaganza from one of the biggest shoe companies in the world…



Catwalk Show

This is a catwalk show, of course, so a runway extends from the stage. The backdrop of the stage is quite a spectacle. It features animations, such as a beating heart or a double helix of DNA – dark, moody, edgy, arty, but super cool.

This will set the atmosphere and illuminate ‘The Evolution of Style’ theme.



Imagine, you’re taking your seat at a major footwear fashion show, the lights go down, the anticipation goes up and the animations start. It is all high class, visually stunning and totally graceful, then Boom! the DJ drops some beats, the volume bangs up, and dancing onto the stage come the runway models.  But these aren’t your regular catwalk models, as Jana Barbati Chadova, Bata’s Head of Global Marketing, explains: “Bata’s Brand Manifesto is all about empowering people to be comfortable with who they are and not feel pressurised to conform to unattainable notions of beauty. Our catwalk models will reflect and celebrate this.”


So, instead of seeing stick-thin, uber cool models, expect to see models who are young, old, thin, chunky… the full spectrum, and comfortable with it. All of this will be watched by celebrities, influencers, senior fashion journalists and fashionistas from across the world who will be jetting in specially for this.



Exhibition and Museum

Bata will be showing men’s and women’s shoes from different collections, including: the international collection from Italy and China, its up-to-the-minute Red Label collection, Insolia, Flexible, Light and the latest Bata Heritage Coca Cola collab. Also showing will be the brand-new Mello range from Bata Power.



It is Bata’s 125th anniversary, remember, so you can experience a fascinating exhibition with museum pieces. We’ll see a shoe exhibition, featuring shoes from Bata’s 125-year history, and there will be a recreation of Tomas Bata’s workshop with tools that the Bata founder and his workforce actually used.



Bata Young Designers’ challenge 2019 finale
It also worth keeping an eye out for the finale of the Bata Young Designers’ Challenge. This is a contest where design students from the Czech Republic, Italy and Kenya have created concept sneakers, and the winning shoes will actually be put into limited production and sold at selected Bata stores across the world. Hundreds of students entered the contest, 10 finalists have been selected and on the 13 April the winners will be announced. Will we be witnessing the start of a sparkling design career?


All in all, Bata Fashion Weekend looks ready to be a fiesta of fashion shoes so, if you’re in Prague, come and enjoy – it’s an open invitation. As Jana Barbati Chadova concludes: “Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier! Bata Fashion Weekend is our annual celebration, where we put on a show and event that is full of fun and inspiration. And if you can’t make it to Prague, you can watch it all unfold via Facebook Live.”