Style, Energy and Unique Experience on Bata Fashion Weekend

The second Bata Fashion Weekend was even more spectacular and stunning than last year. Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan was transformed into the centre of the fashion and design, which offered music performances, fashion shows and consumer-focused events.

The main event started on Saturday morning at the prestigious Pallazzo Mezzanotte, which opened the door for people from April 28 to 29. The venue felt the spirit of music, design and craftsmanship. Thomas Archer Bata, Chief Marketing Officer, Bata, commented:

"This year we built Bata Fashion Weekend in the spirit of the concept “The Sound Of Style” as an extension of the global campaign “Me & Comfortable With It”, which promotes healthy self-confidence while fighting against prejudice. The aim was to transform the campaign into real environment of the Bata Fashion Weekend in every point of view."

Lenny, the new face of Bata

During the Saturday´s gala evening, Bata presented the new brand manifesto “Me & Comfortable With It” and the new Bata ambassador, the singer Lenny, was revealed. Enjoy the livestream video of the fascinating show here. Lenny's new song Enemy and her overall style and beliefs fit Bata brand perfectly, supporting female empowerment and the value of diversity. In the evening Lenny and her band performed the song Enemy in the unplugged version.

The Mecca of fashion lovers

The Bata Fashion Weekend attracted fashion enthusiasts, influencers and ambassadors from all over the world, for example Maya Ali from Pakistan, Lornah Kiplagat from Kenya, Andrea Serna from Colombia and Anabel Angus from Bolivia.


Young Designers Challenge

During the evening two winners of Bata Young Designers Challenge were announced, namely Tereza Kanyzova (UMPRUM, Prague, Czech Republic) with her shoes "Amulet", and Andrea Celleste Beggio (Politecnico Calzaturiero, Milan, Italy) with her design titled "Erica".


Catwalks, exhibitions and entertainment

Bata Fashion Weekend catwalk and shoe exhibitions featured the latest Bata collections: Red Label, B-Flex, Bata Heritage and others, including the shoes designed by the Young Designers Challenge finalists. The vibrant idea of Bata's global campaign “Me & Comfortable With It” was presented by dynamic models and dancers, projections, lightshows and music. One of the model stars was Nidhim Kochhar, who lost his left foot in a motorcycle crash.


Jana Barbati Chadová, Head of Global Marketing, Bata, wraps up: 

"Our goal was to expand the horizons and maintain the mood of the event. The main objective while creating this event was to inspire people, to surprise them and to create emotions and engagement with them through visual concept, music base and choreography of the show. We brought new ideas and innovations to the venue arrangements and also to the concept of the fashion show and the results was incredible. Thanks to Bata Fashion Weekend we had a chance to express what is our brand about to the whole world. We were able to show that we are a part of the conversation and a credible player when it comes to style and fashion. Bata is ready for the 21st century. Modern, innovative, technological and trendy."