Can you really judge a person by their shoes?


Can you really judge a person by their shoes? Well, nobody should judge, but yes it’s true that shoes do say a lot about a person. Shoes matter in making a first impression. Since ancient times, footwear has served a practical purpose in our lives - in keeping our feet protected. Now because of many research done or studies made, we have a secondary contribution which is gaining insight into personality types.



Let’s begin with the obvious - shoes of high price points belong to people who earn high incomes. Inexpensive & shabby-looking shoes give away liberal-thinking wearers. Then it comes to the wearers of flashy & bright-colored footwear which reflects that they are the extroverts. Those who wear practical, sensible, comfy footwear are simple, generous & agreeable ones. There are the ones who repetitively wear same shoes but, the look of those says that those are well-cared-for; it shows that those people are dedicated & conscientious. Plain, simplistic or boring shoe wearers are usually described as aloof & repressive who do not care what others think of them so they do not care to stand out in their general appearance. The ones who wear boots as in ankle-high, knee-high, hiking, riding, & over the knees are known as determined. You can track a clean & tidy person by the shoe he or she is wearing. When you look at the well-polished & clean shoes of a man or a lady, you can easily tell that how much they love cleanliness.



Running shoes are great for when one wants to go running, but when he’s showing other people when he wears them around as part of his daily wear is that he is stable & less prone to attachment anxiety. After all, he’s wearing a pair of incredibly casual shoes, that he’s not worried about scuffing or getting dirty. While you might think that fun-looking shoes are worn by those with a more ‘fun’ personality, research has shown that this isn’t necessarily the case.


Men who wear oxford shoes are a subset of people who appreciate the older, better things in life. It also shows that he cares about having a good shoe that can complete the look. One subtle differentiating point is the fact that those who wear oxfords are also likely to transition into a trendy look after work as well. Those who are creative they tend to wear shoes with unusual or quirky design detail & combination. Since moccasins require upkeep & care, they signify that you are a very stylish but high-maintenance person.



People who are seen in sandals or flip-flops most of the times love freedom& do not generally like any kind of interference. They are carefree; love to travel & explore the world. There are this boldly stylish type of people who are not messy, but they intentionally wear dirt. There are shoes that are purposely designed to make you look unkempt.


According to psychologists, apart from the style of one’s footwear, its color & condition also tells a lot about someone. For example, if one goes for worn-in shoes, he or she is an extrovert & emotionally stable.



Studies do show that strangers could guess an astonishing range of personal qualities — everything from age to characteristics like introversion & aggression — simply by looking at a person's most-worn pair of shoes.



The bottom line is that the shoes you choose communicate at least something about your personality, but then you didn’t need a study to tell you that — the same goes for your clothes & most other fashion choices you make. There is this saying, “Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers. Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear.”