Celebrate Your Eid ul-Fitr 2023 in Style with Bata


Are you ready to celebrate Eid with a whirlwind of excitement? The iconic footwear brand of Bangladesh, Bata, has put together something exciting to make your festive season unforgettable! From the latest collection to fun-filled campaigns, Bata has everything you need to make a statement this Eid. Let's delve in and explore what Bata has in store for you!

Exciting Eid Celebrations with Bata

Bata is all set to make your festive shopping experience truly memorable. Imagine strolling through their latest collection, with your loved ones by your side, and finding the perfect pair of shoes for all your family members and friends under one roof. Well, that is only possible at Bata, because this Eid, Bata went the extra mile to make sure there is something for everyone to put on. But that’s not all! With the new exciting Eid collection, Bata has brought a plethora of designs and trendy footwears that is unique and is sure to make you stand out in a crowd when you stride in them. Bata is taking Eid shopping to a whole new level. Are you ready to dive into the world of Bata and make this Eid a celebration of style?


All-in-One Shopping Destination

With Eid just around the corner, Bata is positioning itself as the go-to destination for all family members. With its vast collection of shoes for men, women, and kids, from the New Bata Red Collection, Bata Comfit, Marie Claire, North Star, Power and other big names, Bata is the ultimate one-stop shop for Eid shopping when it comes to finding the perfect pair for your outfit. The brand is also offering exclusive discounts, making it easier to find your favourite Bata pair at an affordable price.

Latest Eid Collection from Bata

Not only has Bata ensured you find the greatest pairs at affordable prices, but also made sure that you spice up your Eid outfits with the trendiest shoes! Bata's brand new Red Collection is here, with over 200 stunning styles to choose from. However, that isn't all that Bata has up its sleeves! With more than 600 styles and world-class advanced footwear technology to make your steps more comfortable such as Ortholite Cushioning, Masagio & Memory Cushioning, Anatomic Footbed, Ultra Soft Memory Foam, Made from Recycled Materials etc in its new Eid collection. These technology will provides 50% more comfort and durability, antibacterial properties, light weight shoes. Bata has every style and trend you wish to wear and show off this Eid. From trendy designs to vibrant colours and comfortable materials, The New Bata Red Collection is perfect for all age groups and preferences. So why not make this Eid a fashionable affair with Bata's stylish new Eid Collection?

Eid Magic with the Ambassadors

Lights, camera, Bata! Bata did not only bring new Eid shoe collections & Fashion Influencers for you, but it also brought its A-game this Eid with an amazing TVC that's all about quality, style, and affordability. With a diverse cast of influencers, Bata is showing the world that they truly are the people’s brand. Bata's commitment to personalized shopping experiences is shining through its communication with Brand Ambassadors Siam and Mehzabien, and their group of knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you find the perfect pair of shoes that you work so hard to find. Bata is serious about making this Eid all about your style so, step into Bata and experience the magic for yourself.

Eid Buzz with Influencer Collaborations

The efforts don’t just end here, because you are about to witness the fun of influencer collaborations with Bata! Bata is teaming up with some of the top influencers in Bangladesh to create a buzz around the Eid collection. With its trendy and stylish collection, Bata is ready to capture the hearts of a wider audience. These amazing influencers will be sharing their experiences and thoughts on Bata's Eid collection, showcasing the brand's versatility and top-notch quality. So join the excitement and explore Bata's Eid collection through the eyes of the influencers that you love so much.

Bata's Eid Celebration on Wheels

You might think there’s only so much Bata will do, but Bata knows how to party when it's time. Hence, it did not stop just at bringing new collections, an Eid TVC,  and Influencer campaigns, but also came up with the activation caravan across different parts of the country to reach more customers. The caravan is equipped with the latest collections and styles, making it easier for customers to check out the latest variations. The activation of the caravan is aimed at making Eid shopping more enjoyable and convenient for customers to spot the best pairs. Whether you're out and about or just looking for a quick shopping fix, Bata's got you covered. Hop on board and experience the joy of shopping with Bata’s activation caravan.

Trendy Shopping at Your Fingertips

Bata is not just an offline shopping place, it also has an increasing online presence. Batabd.com, the online shopping platform for Bata, is launching campaigns featuring some of the top stars in the country. The campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness and to reach everyone no matter where in the country they reside. By collaborating with these stars, Bata aims to make itself known as a trendy and fashionable brand that resonates with the youth.


In conclusion, Bata is focused on delivering a memorable shopping experience to its customers in Bangladesh. The exciting new collections are not just being showcased in the online and off-line stores but are also getting the limelight through its influencer campaigns and activations. To sum it all up, Bata is leaving no stone unturned to make this Eid special for all. So head to your nearest Bata store or visit Batabd.com and pick your perfect pair of shoes today!

New Bata Red Collection EID TVC