Bata Bangladesh Celebrates International Women's Day 2022

women day

Diversity & inclusion are the foundation of our strength

#BreakTheBias #IWD2022 #BataOneTeam

Bata Bangladesh strongly believes in gender diversity at work. We are honored to have our 150 female employees with us in our factories, stores and management team. Supporting the tagline ‘#BreaktheBias’, We celebrated International Women’s day on 8th March 2022, at our Office Tongi, Gazipur through a joyous, colorful and experience-sharing event.

Being aligned with this year’s theme- ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’, we dedicated this entire day to important topics like gender equality, women’s rights and workplace diversity. And this year we partnered with the worldwide renowned humanitarian organization UNICEF to celebrate this day.

We started our event by remembering the history of Women’s day which was started by the movement of women’s right on 1908 where 15000 women marched towards New York city to protest their rights, to claim gender equality in their working hours, wages, voting right etc.

Then, our program was graced by the presence of Ms. Veera Mendonca, Deputy Representative, UNICEF Bangladesh as Inspirational speaker. She rendered her invaluable insights on women’s day and inspired all of us to empower or protect at least five women in a year.
At Bata, we have introduced the Women@Bata program as we continuously want to challenge ourselves to do more and foster an even more diverse and inclusive culture. Here, Our purpose is to provide women with the opportunities, skills and knowledge to thrive in our company and beyond. Our efforts include a range of initiatives that tackle equal representation and promote career development. At Bata, We commit to develop real, specific and lasting changes for equality, and constantly track and complete what work still needs to be done.