Sensitive Feet Shoes are Here on World Diabetes Day!

Specially Constructed Selection of Sensitive Feet Shoes by SCHOLL - JUST LANDED!!!


Diabetes patients in Bangladesh have reached around 8.3 million countrywide, posing a big challenge to the health system, according to the data of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).


Diabetic Shoes


On that note, we are honored to announce the launch of our Diabetes-special Sensitive Footwear by Scholl focusing solely on foot-health and aiming to provide diabetes patients with the support and care that their feet need on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.

Sensitive feet shoes are sometimes referred to as extra depththerapeutic shoes. They are specially designed shoes, intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown, ulcers, rankles, and calluses that cause pain and discomfort. Our Sensitive insoles are specifically designed to alleviate foot pain that is related to arthritis and diabetes.                                              

These sandals by Scholl are specially designed and constructed with genuine chrome-free leather and have two Velcro® straps at the heel and across the instep offer an adjustable fit. Full Chrome-free leather linings and footbed cover provide a smooth interior, perfect for sensitive feet. Cushioning comfort and support come from Latex Foam, Ortholite & Memory foam. A lightweight, durable outsole ensures stability and support when walking around town. Sensitive feet footwear help avoid foot injuries and improve mobility. These are here to offer extraordinary cushioning and flexibility that reflect the natural movement of the barefoot.

Scholl Diabetic Footwear Launch

Our target customers are 40 – 50 years old ** Diabetic patients and also working men and women who need to wear shoes or sandals for day long comfort and support.

World Diabetes Day is on Sunday 14 November 2021. The theme for this year is access to diabetes care, focusing on the importance of improving access to diabetes care for all and the need for action to prevent diabetes and its complications.

That is why we are glad to have been able to bring this special series which are now launched on this Website & available at our Retail stores for you to get a pair for someone in your family who truly needs this!

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